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Hi, you ever-worthy ‘Worthless’ cast!

The schedule for next week is below. If you are called, please remember to bring your script, a binder and a pencil. (If you haven’t received your script yet — only a few of you — I’ll have it for you at rehearsal.)
Melissa will be back from vacation next Wednesday (hurray!) but in the meantime please contact Caleb or me if you’re running late or can’t make rehearsal:
Caleb: (712) 527-0421, foodies35@gmail.com
Jess: (508) 641-7420, jessica.h.wilson@gmail.com
ALL REHEARSALS THIS WEEK will be in the Zion Lutheran Church Lower Chapel (310 N. Johnson St.)
*Note that this is a different room in Zion than the one we’ve been using — so don’t get confused when you don’t find us in the Assembly Hall!
Monday 6/18:
P.71-72 (Ivan/Alexei/Helen scene)
P. 76-79 (Peddler/Rachel scene)
P. 82-83 (Ivan/Alexei/Helen/Rachel scene)
P. 87-92 (Alexei/Rachel/Peddler scene)
Called at 6:30: Ivan, Alexei, Helen, Peddler, Rachel
Tuesday 6/19: NO REHEARSAL
Wednesday 6/20:

At 6:30: P. 67-70 (Peddler’s Entrance until first Cinderella/Charming scene)
Until 7:30: run through 52-66 to add in Miriam
At 7:30: Miriam, Narrator, Alexei, Thomasina and Rachel can go
P. 72-73 (Bridie/Peddler scene)
P. 92-95 (Wolf/Hans scene through Peddler’s last line at end of Scene 5)
Called at 6:30: Peddler, Thomasina, Narrator, Bridie, Wolf, Miriam, Alexei, Rachel
Called at 7:30: Hans
[Will be missing: Amity, Marigold, Peter]

Thursday 6/21:
P. 70-71 (Cinderella/Charming/Marigold scene)
P. 73-76 (Cinderella/Charming/Marigold/Amity scene)
P. 79-87 (Peter/Hilde/Boots/Miriam/Thomasina/Aurora/Peddler scenes — skipping Ivan/Helen bit in the middle)
Called at 6:30: Cinderella, Charming, Marigold, Amity,
Called at 7:15: Peter, Boots, Miriam, Thomasina, Aurora, Peddler
[Will be missing: Hilde]

Saturday 6/23:

Combined Efforts will be volunteering at the Downtown Block Party from 4pm to 8pm. In return for our help assisting with garbage collection and recycling, the city will donate $500 to Combined Efforts. Willing to help out, even for an hour or so? Let me (Jess) know! It’ll be a fun time!
Contact info if you’re running late or can’t make it:
Caleb: (712) 527-0421, foodies35@gmail.com
Jess: (508) 641-7420, jessica.h.wilson@gmail.com