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Combined Efforts Theatre Summer Play

Combined Efforts Theatre celebrates its tenth year with its summer production of “What’s Happenin’ at the County Fair?”  July 13 and 14.

This is Combined Effort’s third outdoor Perambulation Production; (the audience travels from place to place)

Combined Efforts Theatre is Iowa’s inclusive Non-Profit Theatre Group.  Its mission is to give all talented actors and musicians, with and without special needs, an opportunity to perform.

 This year’s show features live baby goats and calves onstage, Sixties Music, a battle of the bands, a missing lead singer, a jug    band, a British group, feminist warriors, an enthusiastic mayor, sheriff and deputy, a DJ, and…Zombies.

Dates: July 13 and 14

Time: 7:00

Place: 3518 Osage St SW

Tickets: $5.00, Children under five free. Family group of five, $20.00

Phone: 319-936-1462 or email combinedeffortstheatre@gmail for reservations.

Web page: www.combinedefforts.org

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