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In 2012, Combined Efforts Theatre received mention in a Japanese media publication, along with a photograph of some of its actors: Shinji Uozumi, “What Cable Television’s Public Access Channels Have Created” [Ha Nani-wo Motarashita-ka], Broadcasting Report, Media Research Institute, Issue No. 238, September 2012, pp. 18-21. The author, Professor Shinji Uozumi, a noted Japanese media scholar, wrote the article to explain public access channels to a Japanese audience, while studying public access during a research leave in America. The photo was taken by Professor Uozumi at “Uptown Bill’s,” a meeting and performance venue in Iowa City where Combined Efforts Theatre often rehearses, occasionally performs, and holds its board meetings. On this occasion, the actors were performing for a program to be aired on Iowa City’s public access channel (“PATV 18”).

Here is the picture that appeared in the publication:


This was from the short play, “I Feel a Song Comin’ On” performed at the Autism Awareness Day in April, 2012.

Professor Uozumi also took the following three photographs at Uptown Bill’s:




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