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It is going to be a busy summer at CET.  Check out the possibilities below:

Slices: Performance and Pie-First Tuesday of every month, 7:00 at Uptown Bill’s.

This is a combined effort of Uptown Bill’s and Combined Efforts Theatre.  You are invited to bring a short piece for two or more actors or singers.(No monologues  or solos. That’s for Wednesday evenings)  If you write or bring a favorite piece, you may line up actors on your own or recruit from the audience.  The performance piece may be original or a piece from a favorite play or sketch.

If we have time we will have some improv games.

The audience is encouraged to participate, or, if you prefer, just enjoy the show.

Summer Magic at the County Fair– July 26 and 27

First of all, come to the information and sign up session at Uptown Bill’s at between 4:30 and 6:00 on Monday, June 10.  We will make every effort to find a part to fit your schedule.

Sock Hop for Wallflowers- 7:00 at the Barn Theatre

The Dance Troupe has be rehearsing to some of the memorable songs from the sixties and seventies.  Get out your bobbysox and come dance along and have some cookies and punch.

And don’t forget to come to Uptown Bill’s Tuesday, June 4 for  Slices: Performance and Pie.  Come to participate or be an audience member.

Here are some pictures from an event to get you in the mood.

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