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A good time was had by all at Tuesday, June 4 at SLICES:PERFORMANCE AND PIE, an event presented by Uptown Bill’s and Combined Efforts Theatre.

Guest began the evening sampling the berry, apple, Key Lime , peach and lemon pies.

There were original sketches by Kalvin Goodlaxson, Danielle Zimmerman, and Mary Vasey, a reading from his book, TEST PATTERN FOR LIVING by Nicholas Johnson (accompanied by a Greek chorus) and some old old jokes performed vaudeville style.

Actors and readers included Janet Schlapkohl, Tom Gilsenen, Spencer Rideout, Nicholas Johnson, Gregory Johnson, Rachel Lindhardt, Kalvin Goodlaxson, Rip Russell, Evie Stanske, Jason Grubbe,and Danielle Zimmerman.  The photos below are credited to Nicholas Johnson, Gregory Johnson and Connie Sherman.

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