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Here’s a message from Janet:

PLEASE consider marching on Sunday, June 9 with the Combined Efforts group. I will have our Combined Efforts T- shirts
for us to wear…

Jefferson and Dubuque streets (Summer of the Arts backstage), Iowa City


The real deal: Carnaval comes to Iowa City. Come see it! Be in it!
Help make stuff! The parade starts rolling Sunday at 9:45am from
Summer of the Arts mainstage. If you want to be in the parade, we have
extra costumes, so come between 8:30 and 9:15am to snag one. We’ll
also have t-shirts that you can transform into your own wearable
story-art. And masks. And beads. And more. Or just come dance on the
sidelines to the awesome music! All ages welcome, and we’ll end up at
the Family Stage around 10:45am to sing the brand-new “Iowa City

If you want to sign up ahead of time to commit to a particular costume
or task, or to get a t-shirt, send us a message. OR just come by the
workshop and help make things! Plenty to do for all skill-sets, every
day in North Hall room 332 12-8pm. We’re quilting, gluing, folding,
painting, you name it.

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