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Coming attractions:

Slices: Performance and Pie continues on the first Tuesday of each month.  Next up, on September 3, 7:00 at Uptown Bill’sIMG_3413

Ten minute sketches, songs, original or old favorites.                                                             Bring something to be performed or come prepared to act or sing or be a part of the audience.





The dancers will perform at the The University of Iowa’s Diversity Day                   on September 29, 2:30 at Hubbard Park.




Then get ready for Howling at the Moon October 19 at the Country Camp Farm.  Come20120911tu-howl-at-the-moon-with-combined-effrots-200x130 for an evening stroll in the small haunted woods featuring actors performing Halloween themed pieces and ending with a bonfire and dance to the music of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


The Men’s Choir has been rehearsing.   Check the web page often for details.

The Mill

Check also for more about the winter show.  The dates are December 13, 14, and 15.

Please email combinedeffortstheatre@gmail.com with questions and comments.


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