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TROLL MUSIC by Janet Schlapkohl

  The Combined Efforts post is published with the name of the person who actually posted it.  The one I just sent had my name as the author of the post but it seemed to say that I wrote TROLL MUSIC.  It is an original play by Janet Schlapkohl and take my word for...

Combined Efforts Correction

From Mary Vasey.  I sent out a post a couple of days ago with some information about how to get tickets for CAMO! The Musical, a collaboration of CET and the Iowa City Community Theatre.  A few people have asked about the “t discount” “Just what is...

Combined Efforts News and Invitation

  CAMO! THE MUSICAL Get your tickets now here Or contact a cast member or member of the board to buy tickets at t discount. And while I have your attention, please go to combinedefforts theatre on Facebook and give us a LIKE.