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Dance Company Photos may be viewed  here   and here.

Photo galleries are available by clicking the appropriate link, photo or graphic.

Andrea Chapman Day’s photos of What’s Happenin’ at the County Fair? are below.

Click on the photo.  They are on a Picasa site.  It is possible to order copies through Picasa. Follow the directions provided.  If you need assistance call Mary Vasey at 319-337-3201.

Closing Show

Opening Night

Dress Rehearsal


More Rehearsals

Casual Photos

More Casual Photos

And finally, the setting and audience

VAUDEVILLE DREAMS  (December 16 and 17)

There are four albums in Picasa. Click here for opening night at City High.

TRIANGLE  (October 7 and 8, 2011)

This link will take you  to a collection of photos from the play.  It is possible to order copies through Picasa.


Mystery at the County Fair (August 5 and 6, 2011).

Notice that there are five sets of photos by three photographers for Mystery at the County Fair.  You may order prints online.  Just follow the directions on Picasa.

Click here for Nicholas Johnson’s photos

Click here for Andrea Chapman Day’s photos

August 6 photos by Andrea

Casual photos by Andrea

Photos by Gregory Johnson


Tentative and Tardy Love (26, February, 2011)

Photos by Nick Johnson

Photo Gallery

The Plague Show (17 and 18, December, 2010)

Photo Gallery

Halloween Event (31 October 2010)

Photo Gallery

Halloween Event

Love At the County Fair (30-31 July 2010)

Final Performance – In the Open – Moveable Theater (31 July 2010)

Opening Night – (Down pouring Rain) – Machine Shed (30 July 2010)

Rehearsal (29 July 2010)

Rehearsal (20 July 2010)

* * *

A Carol for Our Time (17 & 18 December 2009)

Photos from rehearsal and performance