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Combined Efforts is a visual and performing arts company
with a mission of artistic excellence
through purposeful collaboration between artists with and without disabilities.


Clever Hans – Iver Hovet
Thomasina Baker – Valerie Bills
Rachel Snaketoads – Ruby Murray
Bridie O’Connelly – Alannah Walterhouse
Miriam of Ashfool – Elisabeth Ross
Marigold of Ashfool – Ivory Browning
Peter Miller – Greg Jones
Wolf Shepherd – Michael Levy
Alexei Wheelwright – Joe Mozena
Amity Wanderer – Kristina Rutkowski
Jacob Grimm – Derek Johnson
Wilhelm Grimm – Kalvin Goodlaxson
The Narrator – Anna Gayley
The Peddler – Erin Mills

Bridie’s Mother/The Beggar Woman – Mary House
Miriam’s Stepfather/The Potter/Alexei’s Father – Alec Grubbe
Miriam’s Mother – Jane Bradbury
Colleen/The Talking Signpost – Chase Horning
Ivan’s Horse – Elijah Ohrt

Cinderella – Ryann Sirois
Prince Charming/King Charming – Peter Gayley
Ivan/Tsar Ivan – Ken Gayley
Helen – Jane Bradbury
Boots – Corey Rew
Hilde – Meredith Saletta
Aurora – Sheri Ann Breedlove

Stage Crew: Liam & Joe Dutcher